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We embrace 21st-century solutions.

The Youngsville Fire Department has grown along with our community. Improvements in fire equipment and apparatus, along with continuous training allow us to be ready when emergencies happen. Our goal is protect lives and property – and we proudly strive toward that goal.

The Youngsville Fire Department proudly strives to protect lives and property in our community.

With the increased popularity of cell phones, fires and other emergencies can be communicated much more quickly. We gratefully acknowledge the support from the Youngsville community and from the fire companies in the surrounding area in fulfilling our number one goal: protecting lives and property whenever possible.

Youngsville Firehouse
Youngsville NY Fire Department

Extrication Drill - April 2014
Extrication Drill - April 2014


Dedicated Volunteers

Our department is made up of a group of over 40 dedicated volunteer firefighters. If you are interested in joining us, we welcome you. Please see the Membership page for more information.