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The Youngsville NY Fire Department has a long heritage of community service.

The Youngsville Fire Department was organized on May 12, 1930 with 26 members on the original roster. Later that year, property was purchased and the first firehouse was built on State Route 52 next to St. Francis Church.  The first equipment purchased was hose and nozzles to be used on a new hydrant system. The equipment was transported on a Reo truck that was donated to the department.

Realizing that there was a need for further protection outside the hydrant system, in 1932 the fire department purchased their first fire apparatus; a 350 gpm Sanford pumper. This remained the only fire apparatus to serve the community until 1953 when a new 500 gpm International pumper was purchased and put into service in 1954.  By 1956, firefighters had saved enough money to purchase a used Chevrolet truck for brush fires. It carried 275 gallons of water, a portable generator, a portable pump and hand tools for fighting grass and brush fires.

In 1965, a three-story poultry building on the North Road (now known as Shandelee Road) was purchased and converted into the fire department’s new home. This building houses fire apparatus and rescue equipment. In addition, a banquet hall and commercial kitchen are used for fire department fundraisers, local church and community groups and available to district residents.

In 1968, a Chevrolet truck with a 750 gpm, front mounted Barton American pump was purchased. Then in 1971, a 2000 gallon GMC tanker with a 250 gpm pump was purchased and put into service in 1972. In 1977, a one ton Dodge 4 wheel drive brush truck with a 500 gpm front mounted pump replaced the Chevrolet brush truck.

In 1981 construction of a meeting and recreation room began on the upper level of the former poultry building. In 1985, a Pierce 1250 gpm pumper was purchased and replaced the 1953 International pumper. In 1995, another 1250 gpm Pierce pumper replaced the 1968 Chevrolet and in 1999, a 2000 gallon tanker with a 1000 gpm pump replaced the 1971 GMC tanker. 

A Ford F550 mini-pumper with a 750 gpm pump and CAF system was purchased in 2003 to replace the 1977 Dodge.  However, firefighters felt that as long as the Dodge would run, they should keep it because of the front mounted pump, full-time four wheel drive, and pump-and-roll capabilities. This truck, which is still in service today, has proven to be a valuable asset, time and time again.

Due to manpower shortages, the fire department began the first firefighter cadet program in the county in 2004. Members could be accepted at age 14.  This program helped to boost membership rolls and needed manpower. Our first cadet is still active with the department today.

In late June and early July of 2006, the fire district suffered millions of dollars of property damage due to flash flooding. The first floor of the fire station had over a foot of water, mud and mold throughout. During a ten day period, firefighters answered 411 calls.

Through an assessment of potential hazards within the fire district and noticing a change in the types of calls that firefighters responded to, in 2005 our first water and ice rescue diver was added to the roster.  By 2008, more than a dozen firefighters were trained in water and ice rescue and recovery.  Additionally, in 2009, a used 1992 Pierce medium duty walk-in rescue truck was purchased. Following in 2010, the fire department made a grant-funded purchase of a “like-new,” used Kubota 4x4 RTV 1100 with a slide-in Kimtek Firelite Off-road Rescue unit and an enclosed 10’x12’ multi-use trailer.

Also through a grant, in 2014, the fire department began construction on a passenger elevator for the firehouse. Following completion of the elevator in 2015, construction began on the upper level of the fire station to include a bunk room, showers, fitness room and storage area. We continue to make improvements to our fire station, equipment and apparatus making sure that our firefighters have the necessary tools, training and education to continue to provide our community residents with optimum service and protection.

In 2017 we retired the 1985 Pierce pumper which now serves as a party fire engine in Nashville, Tennesee. In September 2017, we replaced the pumper with a 1994 Simon-Duplex LTI 75’ quint fire apparatus which was purchased from the City of Festus, Missouri Fire Dept.  In 2018 this truck was refurbished and now serves as Youngsville’s first ladder truck.