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Honor Someone Special

Would you like to honor someone special? Perhaps a loved one who has died or someone you know that deserves special recognition? We accept honorariums and memorials to publicly recognize those people you want to honor. Their name will appear here on our donation page along with your name – or – you may donate anonymously. This is a thoughtful way to honor someone and support the Youngsville Fire Department at the same time. These special acknowledgements will remain on our website as long as we have a website. Your donations may be tax-deductible (talk to your tax advisor). Minimum suggested donation is $25.

Honorariums / Memorials

In memory of a kind and caring man –- from Warren, Justin & Travis • 8-24-19

We appreciate your support...

Donations to our department are used to purchase specialized equipment, assist firefighters with continuing education and training, and provide for any necessary on-scene firefighter rehabilitation. (nutrition/hydration/cooling/warming)

Your contributions are tax-deductible (consult your accountant or tax professional). We appreciate your support!

You can donate to the Youngsville Fire Department in one of 3 ways: Honorarium, Memorial, or a direct Donation -- in any amount. Your security is important to us. By using the form below and the PayPal button to process your donation, your financial information is encrypted, and kept private. And you do not need a PayPal account to donate. We will never share your information with anyone unless you give us permission.

Donation Form (+ PayPal)

After you click the Submit button, then click the PayPal button below to send your donation. Thank you!